Millstone Acres


$6/dozen for eggs and beef by fair market value

 Our very happy birds live in a huge coop that is completely secure from all other animals so they can go in and out as they like 24 hours a day. When safe, they run free on the farm but always head back inside at night on their own as they feel safest there.Our farm is rooster-free so no eggs are fertilized and none of the hens are harassed or plucked by by roosters! We have a variety of purebred birds such as Maran's (lay dark eggs),
Americauna's (lay green eggs), and Orphington's as well as some mixed breeds.

From 2014-2018 we did free range lamb, small amount still available

Since 2019 we have been raising and breeding black angus x lowline beef - and it tastes GOOD!

Millstone Acres is a lovely five acre hobby farm situated just outside the city limits of beautiful Nanaimo, BC.

The farm has had cows, sheep, ducks, chickens, peacocks, pheasants, pigs, alpacas, horses, and even donkeys!

What animals are on the farm depends on the time of year.